About Me
Personal Bio

I'm a seasoned hands-on art director who is passionate about getting my
clients the results they want.

Another thing I am passionate about is thoughtful pure design (good design) and being friendly to our environment. Therefore, whenever possible, I do what I can to ensure that printed projects use recycled biodegradable materials and I strive for them to have greater longevity. I find this good design approach saves time and money while helping to build positive brand equity.

Leveraging more than 15 years in spearheading the design of corporate
and brand identities, packages, integrated marketing communications and interactive designs, I contribute a solid knowledge of the creative development process and a clear understanding of client needs.

Since 1992, I have worked salaried, freelance and contract positions for
a variety of leading design studios, agencies and in-house clients. Professionally, I have often managed a myriad of projects, while art directing
and consulting with clients, copywriters, designers, web developers, account executives, photographers and vendors. I have designed successful materials
for major brands, such as America Online, AT&T, American Red Cross,
Franklin Templeton, Numi Tea, Peerless Lighting, ProHealth, Restaurants Unlimited, Inc., Spice Islands, The Learning Company and Wells Fargo.

My creative capabilities extend across multiple venues. In addition to my professional areas of practice, I have also successfully executed projects
in interior design, painting, illustration, jewelry and event production. My
personal interests in community development, transformational conversation
and humanitarian projects inform my vision of applied design in service
to improve our world.

The portfolio, resume and key strengths on this site provide my credentials.
I hope you enjoy them and thanks for your interest.

Spencer Franklin