Peerless Lighting Complete Visual Rebrand

Peerless Lighting is a global lighting design company that manufactures specialized lighting for classrooms, transportation, library and offices.
The following outlines the initiatives for their visual brand redesign:

1. Reassure loyal specifiers that Peerless leads the way in its market segment      and offers excellent lighting solutions for a wide range of applications
     and budgets.

2. Influence a broader audience of specifiers who are not as familiar
     with Peerless.

3. Position Peerless and its products with style, uniqueness and credibility
     to its visually sophisticated audiences.

Peerless marketing materials will target primarily architects, as well as interior designers and lighting specialists.

Pioneer and thought leader of indirect linear lighting segment
Single high-quality brand with multiple price points
Close to the customers—collaborative with specifiers

Marketing Communications System/Context
Interest Awareness — Advertising, Publicity, Email and Trade Shows
Presentation/Selection — Catalog and Product Launch Pieces
In-depth/Technical Information — Website, PSG and Seminars

My Primary Contributions

While I worked for them, I provided the design for a new trademark, stationery system, specification sheet templates and an information system with style guides. Additionally, I provided hands-on art direction for show rooms, product launch brochures, ad campaigns, presentations and email announcements, along with a 202-page catalog and binder. My roles included photography direction, print purchasing, content development and presentations to sales reps, distributors and executive teams for ensuring accuracy, targeting and improved functionality.

All of the Peerless sales and business materials were redesigned with templates, which made an enormous amount of content with a new nomenclature system easy to implement. The new brand is a significant improvement over its former design.

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Numi Tea Brand Identity — Visual Refresh

Numi Tea is a leading natural global tea company. The following outlines
the initiatives for refreshing the design of their brand:

1. Reassure loyal customers and resellers that Numi leads the way in the     natural tea market segment, offering tea experience through innovative     premium quality, authentic flavor and a commitment to the environment
    and our global community.

2. Expand Numi’s influence to European markets and nationally
    with super markets, foodservices and hospitality chains.

3. Inspire consumers well being of mind, body and spirit through
    the simple art of tea.

4. Educate new consumers to Taste the Numi Difference!

Download Project Samples

The sales materials for Numi primarily targeted hospitality chains, restaurants, retailers and cafes. The brand primarily speaks to Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) with extensions for reaching diverse tea consumers.

Pioneer and thought leader of natural unique tea blends
High quality brand with mid-to-high price points
Close to the customers and collaborative with resellers

Marketing Communications System/Context
Interest Awareness — Advertising, Publicity, Email and Trade Shows
Presentation/Selection — Folder & Sales Sheets, Product Launch Pieces
In-depth Information — Website, Presentations and Tastings Demos


My Primary Contributions

Refreshed the design of their corporate and multi-channel brand identity system.

The corporate brand identity system that I designed now serves as a pure consistent umbrella for their retail displays, business collateral, signage and cafe.

Their multi-channel brands are also now distinquished with a fresh brand palate system that uses the same font family, distinctive harmonious colored stains, select imagery and taglines for its multi-channels. As I accomplished this internal style guide, I designed a unique three-pocket folder, sales sheets,
point-of-purchase displays, shelf talkers, trade show booths, packages
and ad campaigns.

These projects served as consistent design templates that effectively translated the vision and mission of Numi with more prominence and clarity.

Most projects entailed ideation with cross-functional teams, photography direction, purchasing and press checking.

Everything created for Numi was done with recyclable, biodegradable materials!
It was a delight to work with them and add to their positive brand equity.

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PRIMA Vini Wine eCommerce Site

PRIMA Vini is a premiere wine merchant located in Walnut Creek. They are known for having those hard to get wines and their friendly and informed service.

Redesign entire site to have its own cart and URL.

2. Create a unique e-commerce brand extension to match its restaurant brand.

3. Increase conversion rates for wine sales by 10% or more.

4. Increase customer retention.

5. Reduce returns.

6. Improve overall customer experience.

7. Design site to expand consistently for future additions.

These objectives are likely to be met within the first quarter
of it becoming live

View Colored Layouts, Future Additions, Flowchart and instructions

User Experience Benefits
The store is now viewable without signing in
The shopping experience is personalized with the users name and saved cart
The overall shopping experience improved with its simplified design
The best sellers, staff favorites and other recommendations are highly visible
The navigation is intuitive and consistent for users
The menus remain visible for shopping ease
The users can shop by four types, as well as sort by price and wineries

The shopping cart saves items and provides ways to continue shopping
The user can see where they are in the store at all times
The application forms are intuitive, dynamic and secure
The search results and product details are highly visible and consistent

My Primary Contributions
Kept the client informed and involved with all phases of the site design
Provided an analysis of their existing site along with competitor sites
Provided wireframes, flowcharts and site maps ahead of the design
Identified all unique pages and primary user patterns
Established the site's minimal functionality to work within the budget

Designed home page to have two clear promotional areas

Provided the content placement with detailed instructions
Planned the user interface to incorporate future features
Designed clear shopping cart solution for easy and consistent implementation
Successfully extended PRIMA's restaurant's brand for this e-commerce site
Created a personalized shopping experience with minimal features
Presented colored layouts for all unique pages
Provided organized PSD for all artwork
Set font styles to avoid second line reflows with the data-driven information

Designed a relative color palate and typography system to compliment
   the brand of PRIMA's already existing restaurant's site


CREDITS: Leaf artwork, leaf texture, logo, photos and content
created by PRIMA VINI.

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More Notable Accomplishments

Selling Up provides customized executive sales training courses on and offline. For this company, I helped to recreate its name. I also designed its corporate and brand identity as well as all of its visual communications. These projects included an eLearning center template and online audio course, Web sites, logo, print style guide, stationery, PowerPoint presentations, workbooks, corporate brochure and sales sheets. With the use of these materials, Selling Up has acquired major financial and high-tech accounts.


T. S. Wrobel & Associates provides legal services to nonprofits, businesses and individuals. I redesigned this company's logo, brand and Web site. The original Web site was getting an average of 1200 unique clients per month, but only 1% clicked through the site. Since its redesign, 30% of its visitors are signing up for its newsletter. The design in this case made all the difference.


NextCard Visa was one of the largest advertisers on the Internet, when I worked for them in '99. My banner ads and affiliate promotions were published in various consumer markets. This company's revenue was generated from online direct marketing.

International Microcomputer Software, Inc. was a leading software developer for professional designers and architects, as well as home hobbyists. They derived conservatively 60% of its sales revenue from postal direct marketing while I was working from them in '98. Before I joined them, they had outsourced their direct mail kits. I helped to develop a direct mail art department and eliminated their need for outsourcing, while increasing production volume 100%. The software direct mail campaigns I designed received an average of 1.5% to 2% on new sales and 10% on its upgrades, generating considerable revenue.

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